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Nearly 100 Million Poisonous Pill Capsules Sold on the Market

Well-known Chinese online news site Sohu recently reported that a company in Zhejiang Province manufactured over 90 million capsules of medical pills containing poisonous materials and sold all of them to a large number of customers. Chinese law enforcement discovered it and captured the primary criminal. He had lost his job two years ago and then hired over ten other workers to found a new company producing the capsules. Two years ago, the workers had worked for another company that made poisonous capsules. When the police closed the company, it made big news nationwide. The new poisonous capsules main ingredient was the heavy metal chromium, which exceeded the maximum permitted level by 65 times. This level of poison could result in significant damage to the patient’s vital internal organs. The sales channels and the whereabouts of the capsules still remain a mystery. The case is currently under investigation. 
Source: Sohu, September 2, 2014