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People’s Daily: France Should Not Flip-Flop on Russian Arms Sales

People’s Daily carried a commentary article questioning France’s decision to suspend the delivery of its first Mistral-class amphibious assault ship to Russia. The article said that the French authorities’ decision is rather surprising [disappointing]. 

The article stated, “On whether to carry out the contract to provide Russia the amphibious assault ship, the French authorities had been resisting pressure from the United States and some Western countries. … However, France recently made a 180-degree U-turn. This is primarily because of sustained pressure from the United States. Of course, it is also related to the Russia and Ukraine relations, which started deteriorating some time ago. As can be seen, the French authorities also wanted to use it to exert influence on the Kremlin’s decision makers.” 
The article commented, “In the past, France has been implementing a "de Gaulle" independent foreign policy. Even when the leftist former President Francois Mitterrand was in power, this policy did not change. Now France has to play America’s tune, has become indecisive on major decisions, and has even backtracked. People cannot help but worry about the future of French Foreign Policy.” 

Source: People’s Daily, September 9, 2014