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Study Times on the Strategic Framework for China’s Rise

Study Times published a commentary on the strategy behind China’s peaceful rise. The framework of its rise includes the following components: 

The first is its path. China must unswervingly follow the path of peaceful development.

Second, regarding breakthroughs, China should extend the Silk Road westward through continental central Asia. It can then extend its resources to Africa for access to Africa’s energy resources and markets and to Europe for its money. China should also extend the Silk Road eastward to the Pacific East Asian economic circle for economic cooperation and mutual trust in the political and security arena. 

The third is related to countries. China should carefully balance the strategic triangular relationship with the United States and Russia with the understanding that in terms of comprehensive national strength, China, the United States, and Russia are the most powerful countries and the major international rules-makers with extensive interests throughout the world. 
The Fourth is principles. China must keep a low profile; it must follow the current strategy with major powers as the key, neighboring countries as a priority, developing countries as the foundation, and multilateral diplomacy as an important platform. 

Source: Study Times, September 8, 2014