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Chinese Ambassador to Germany on Sino-German Relations

On October 9, Shi Mingde, the Chinese Ambassador to Germany, published an article on People’s Daily titled, "Use an All-out Effort to Develop an Upgraded Version of Sino-German Relations." Below is a translation of selected excerpts.
"For a little over a year, the frequency of exchanges of high-level visits between China and Germany has been unprecedented. This clearly shows that, between the concerted efforts of China’s new generation of central leadership and the new government of the Federal Republic of Germany, Sino-German relations have not only developed steadily; they have reached the highest level in history in terms of depth and breadth. The leaders of the two countries have maintained a close and trusting relationship."
"Founded on solid bilateral political mutual trust, Sino-German relations continue to carry a rich strategic content. Entering into the new century, Sino-German relations embarked on a ‘fast track’ and ‘acceleration period’ of comprehensive development; they have successfully achieved a ‘triple jump.’ In 2004, the two sides announced a partnership in global responsibility within the framework of the China-EU comprehensive strategic partnership; 2010 saw a comprehensive advancement of that bilateral strategic partnership and the establishment of a consultation mechanism. In 2014, the bilateral relationship will elevate further to an all-around comprehensive strategic partnership relationship. This not only points out the direction for the continued expansion and deepening of Sino-German relations, but also bears far-reaching significance for creating a new type of mutually beneficial relationship between a developing nation and a developed nation."
"Pragmatic cooperation between the two countries has become a long lasting force of propulsion for the relationship. This year, against the backdrop of a more uncertain and unstable world economy, January – August Sino-German trade reached US$117.35 billion, a year-over-year increase of 12.2 percent. The bi-directional investment has also seen a substantial increase and is expected to reach a record high year end. Bilateral cooperation in politics, economics, the humanities and international affairs are comprehensive, pragmatic, extensive, and deep. The China-Germany inter-governmental consultation is the highest-level consultation mechanism between China and any Western country. Nearly 30 minister level senior officials are expected to participate in this round of the ‘Sino-German joint meeting of the Cabinets.’ Almost all members of the German Cabinet will participate to discuss plans for future cooperation between China and Germany. The two countries decided to upgrade diplomatic and security strategic dialogue, start a high-level financial dialogue, promote high-end manufacturing and ‘Industry 4.0’ cooperation, and implement Visa Facilitation Services. The ‘four-wheel drive’ pragmatic cooperation between China and Germany will provide a lasting momentum to promote China and Germany as the top partner in each their respective regions."
Source: People’s Daily, October 9, 2014