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People’s Daily: Japan-U.S. Alliance Beautiful Packaging, Ugly Essence

On October 8, Japan and the United States jointly issued an interim report discussing revisions to the "Japan-U.S. Defense Cooperation Guidelines." In a commentary, People’s Daily [overseas edition] stated that the report is just a product beautifully packaged on the outside, but ugly in essence. It exposed the two countries’ true intention of pursuing their selfish interests. 

The article said that Japan has two purposes in promoting the revision to the "Japan-U.S. Defense Cooperation Guidelines." The first is to get rid of the restrictions of the post-war international order. In particular, it wants to eliminate the limitation of its peace constitution on Japan’s development of its armed forces and the rights of the [Japanese] Self-Defense Forces. The second purpose is to target China. 
From the U.S.’ perspective, revising the Defense Guidelines will serve its "Asia-Pacific rebalancing" strategy. The way Americans care about their dominance in the Asia-Pacific region is extreme. However, currently, their internal and external problems plague them. This superpower has difficulty achieving its goals using only its own power. Therefore, the interim report pointed out that the United States needs to develop more balanced and effective alliances. 
The revised "Japan-U.S. Defense Cooperation Guidelines" provide a “blueprint" of how to grab the common interests in the world using the alliance between the two countries as a tool. The thought of Japan-U.S co-dominance is growing insidiously. With the connivance of the United States, Japan may become the new "international police," waving the flag for the "new interventionism." 

Source: Xinhua, October 9, 2014