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Xinhua: Achievements of Li Keqiang’s Europe Trip

Xinhua reported that "Li Keqiang has successfully completed his trip to Europe and that China has harvested abundantly in its foreign diplomacy."

China has been doing trade diplomacy for decades. The Xinhua article praised the economic deals transacted with the European countries as the highlight of Li’s achievements. During Li’s trip, China and Germany signed 50 commercial and inter-government treaties, with a total of US$18.1 billion in bilateral trade and investment agreements. In Russia, the two countries signed 39 important bilateral documents, including a high-speed train project connecting Moscow and Kazan and a 150 billion yuan (US$25 billion) bilateral currency swap agreement. Chinese companies and Italian companies signed over 10 cooperation agreements, with a total exceeding US$10 billion.

Source: Xinhua, October 20, 2014