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Another Medical Scandal in China: Children Injected With Expired Saline Solution

The recent vaccine case dealt a heavy blow to the public’s confidence in Chinese hospitals. In a new development, a hospital recently reported that several children have been injected with expired physiological saline solution.

A child in Jiangxi province was sent to a local hospital due to physical discomfort. The hospital administered him with an intravenous injection. Accidentally, the parents found out that the physiological saline the hospital had injected had expired. The effective period of the solution was until July. Further investigation revealed that more than 30 bottles of physiological saline in the hospital’s pediatrics department are yet un-used. The hospital claimed it was “workplace negligence.”

Another parent, finding out that his child was also injected with expired saline solution, complained to the hospital about the issue. Surprisingly, the hospital, which is not the same as the previous one, responded that it is not a problem.

Although the hospital personnel were swiftly punished, the scandals, breaking out one after another, have resulted in the Chinese people being furious. People have vented their anger on the Internet:

“Where is their conscience? Or is it this their attitude toward other people’s kids?”

“If the expired drug is fine, then inject these unscrupulous hospital personnel with it every day.”

“Absolutely not workplace negligence. The near-expiration and expired medicine is cheap and the commission on sale is, simply, appealing.”

Source: Liberty Times, August 26, 2018