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Huanqiu: The U.S. and South Korea Can’t Wait to See China and North Korea Become Enemies

On December 2, 2014, Huanqiu published an article commenting on the heated discussions that have been taking place on the issue of “Abandoning North Korea.” According to the article, abandoning North Korea will only harm China’s national interests.

First of all, the fact that North Korea owns nuclear weapons cannot be a reason to “abandon the DPRK. Without even considering that North Korea would then turn to a third country for help and behave even worse, this approach (abandoning North Korea) is too emotional and lacks strategic thinking from the perspective of denuclearization.” Second, from the perspective of the geo-strategic value of North Korea, “the geopolitical concept has not become obsolete in today’s international political ‘field.’ Otherwise, why would the U.S. use the US-ROK and the US-Japan alliances as a ‘return to Asia’ strategic fulcrum; why wouldn’t the US troops withdraw to Guam or to the United States?” The importance of China’s strategic position established through the Korean War is immeasurable. This strategic asset must not be let go. Third, If China and North Korea were to become irreconcilable enemies, it would be a loss for both sides. “Some think tank personnel from the United States and South Korea promote a China-DPRK separation and view “China-DPRK separation” as an important strategy to solve the peninsula’s problems. This is worth attention.”

“These absurd arguments such as North Korea is “a white-eye wolf (Chinese slang referring to a person who treats kindness with ingratitude)” “deserves to be poor,” and “seeks to collapse” apparently are made by those who lack a broad mind and an awareness of the overall big picture. These have nothing in common with the basic strategy of China’s foreign diplomacy.

Source: Huanqiu, December 2, 2014