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Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Investigations of Corrupt Officials Overseas Face Barriers

BBC Chinese recently reported that officials from the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs suggested that the Chinese government is considering bringing an action in foreign courts against those corrupt government officials who fled overseas. Observers described this decision as “unusual.” It shows how bad the situation is for the Chinese government’s attempt to bring those fugitives home. The two largest destination countries for these corrupt officials are the United States and Canada. Neither has an extradition treaty with China. Chinese officials complained that these countries have a “bias” against the Chinese legal system. They do not allow the Chinese suspects to be sent back to China, citing a concern for the lack of protection for the suspects’ rights. Although Washington has expressed a willingness to cooperate with Beijing’s anti-corruption investigations, the United States has refused to make more promises related to handing over the suspects.
Source: BBC Chinese, November 26, 2014