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Global Times: China, Russian, North Korea Prepare Joint Tourism Zone

Global Times recently reported that China, Russia, and North Korea reached an agreement to establish a “borderless” tourism development zone at the delta area downstream on the Tumen River, where the three countries have shared borders. The core region of the new tourism zone is located in Hun-chun City, Jilin Province, China. North Korea’s Duman River Cave and Russia’s Hasan Township both contributed 10 square kilometers of land. Tourists with valid identification documents will be allowed in without a visa. According to Chinese government officials, China first proposed the concept of this tourism zone in 2014. Russia and North Korea were both very interested in the plan. A feasibility study has already started and development planning will start in 2015. After that, the actual development will follow the “dual-nation first, multi-nation next” order.
Source: Global Times, February 13, 2015