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Qiushi: Chinese Overseas Culture Centers Face Challenges

According to Qiushi, since 1988, China has established 16 Chinese Culture Centers overseas which organize culture activities, provide training on Chinese language and culture, and distribute information about socialist achievements and the socialist value system. They now face some challenges. 

First, the lack of funding is a bottleneck. Government funding is limited. An effective channel to attract private funds has yet to be established. Second, these centers are not adequately staffed. It is common for each staff member to wear multiple hats. Infrastructure such as libraries leaves a lot of room for improvement. Third, the centers do not function effectively due to a lack of understanding on the part of the host country. When organizing culture activities, the centers tend to follow the Mainland way of thinking under the Communist Party and can hardly satisfy the needs of the local people. Fourth, the centers are not ideally located. Currently most of the centers are establishments in developing countries. 
Source: Qiushi, February 25, 2015