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Japan’s Four Hidden Plots against China in the South China Sea

Xinhua published a series of articles, including an editor’s introduction, on its “International Channel” commenting on Japan’s involvement in the South China Sea issue. 

Editor’s introduction: “In recent years, as the U.S. has been adjusting its Asia-Pacific strategy and openly intervening on the South China Sea issue, the Japanese government has also been stepping up its intervention. Recently, in addition to the U.S. military fulfilling its requirement to start military patrols in the South China Sea and performing military exercises with and providing equipment to the Philippines, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has also repeatedly accused and discredited China. He has done so at the G7 summit and on many other occasions."  
“Although the South China Sea dispute has nothing to do with Japan, the Japanese side is actively getting involved and continuously increasing its intervention efforts. Just what is Japan plotting as it hides behind the scenes?” The series then listed the following four agendas that indicate what Japan is "plotting" against China: 
Plot I: to divert public attention in the international media from Japan’s history problem [in World War II]; 
Plot II: to stir up the "China threat theory" in order to create a favorable atmosphere for [Abe’s] security bill; 
Plot III: to use the tactic of “relieving a besieged ally by attacking the home base of the besiegers,” thus trapping China on the South China Sea issue; 
Plot IV: to curb the rise of China by creating an Asian version of NATO. 

Source: Xinhua: June 17, 2015