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Qiushi: Promote Positive National Image of China in Multiple Ways

On June 3, 2015, Qiushithe Chinese Communist Party School and the Chinese Communist Party Central Committee’s political theory website, republished an article from Chinese Social Sciences Todaytitled, “Avoid Single-Mode Propagation of China’s National Image.” 

According to the article, Western countries have a serious misunderstanding of China’s national image due to the fact that China’s official media always exaggerate the positive aspects of China and the Chinese government. To display a responsible, positive, and pragmatic national image of China, China’s official media may sometimes, at the same time that they showcase the greatness of China’s achievements, “skillfully and appropriately” present some problems, difficulties, or even failures that China faces so as to demonstrate to the world that China is willing to be humble, accept well-intentioned criticism, and be active in solving problems. In addition, the article recommended using movies, TV operas, books, performances, cultural exchanges, and activities to further promote China’s national image.
Source: Qiushi, May 3, 2015