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People’s Daily: Be Vigilant to the Ulterior Motives behind Abe’s Statement of “Never Fight Again”

People Daily published an article commenting on Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s statement of “never fight again” that he made when he was meeting with Chinese media for an interview

The article said, “As soon as he returned from the G7 summit held in the German town of El Mao, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe attended the meeting of [Japan’s] Congress to discuss the bills related to lifting the ban on the right to collective self-defense. Although he is very busy, he did not forget to arrange an interview with a Chinese media reporter.” 
While answering the reporter’s questions, Abe said that Japan has deep remorse over the war and will never repeat the same mistakes. He stressed that he is willing to continue the efforts toward the development of Japan-China relations. 

The article showed little trust in Abe’s statement. It said, “From the content of the answer, Abe is without doubt ‘releasing a friendly and goodwill signal.’ However, there were also critical comments that ‘the time and object of the interview was carefully arranged.’ According to a poll the media conducted on the matter, most Chinese people do not believe Abe’s position or his attitude.” 

“It is not strange at all. Just a few days ago, Abe was stirring up trouble at the G7 summit, acting as Uncle Sam’s pawn, and attempting to instigate problems on the South China Sea issue. After returning home he immediately hugged Philippine President Aquino and vowed to participate in joint containment of China.” 

 The article furthered stated, “The world knows what is in his bones. How can he get away with a mere [statement of] ‘deep remorse’ and remove people’s doubts? 

“In order finally to be able to amend the "Peace Constitution," Abe is fully implementing supporting laws and regulations for lifting the ban on collective self-defense. In his talks, he has always taken China as a target. His ‘true intention’ is known to all.” 

Source: People’s Daily, June 15, 2015