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Over 14 Million Drug Users in China Cause $80 Billion in Losses

On June 24, 2015, at a press conference, the State Council’s Information Office released the first-ever report on the effects of drug abuse in China in 2014. Liu Yuejin, Assistant Minister of Public Security and Deputy Director of China National Narcotics Control Commission, said that drug abuse in China for that year resulted in annual economic losses of 500 billion yuan (approximately $80.54 billion) and, in addition, as many as 49,000 deaths of registered users. He estimated that China has more than 14 million drug users, including about three million registered users. 

According to Liu, there is evidence that more youths are abusing synthetic narcotics. Half of the registered users are under 35. Drug users are spreading to government employees and the variety of stronger, more addictive drugs is growing. Drug abuse has been linked to suicides, hit-and-run accidents, murders, abductions, rapes, attacking police, and other violent crimes. 
Source: Legal Daily, June 24, 2015