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People’s Daily: Three Died in Conflict at Chinese Copper Mine in Peru

People’s Daily recently reported that a conflict between farmers and the police caused three deaths and seventeen injured in Peru, where farmers living in Cusco and Apurimac opposed the copper mining operations to be developed by a Chinese owned copper company. The China Minmetals Group bought Las Bambas Copper Mine this August for US$7.4 billion. According to Peruvian President Humala, this copper mine will become the largest of its type in the nation. Local farmers were very much worried that the mine would pollute the local water sources that they depend on. They asked the Chinese company to adjust its environmental protection plan. In addition to that, they also demanded that the company hire more locals for mining jobs. The government defended the police by explaining that the police had to use lethal force for self-defense. 
Source: People’s Daily, September 30, 2015