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BBC Chinese: U.S. DNI Clapper not Optimistic about the Internet Spying Agreement with China

BBC Chinese recently reported that James R. Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) of the United States, said “no” in a Senate hearing when asked by Senator John McCain whether he was optimistic about the U.S-China agreement that neither country would conduct economic espionage in cyberspace. Clapper explained that the effectiveness of the agreement remains to be seen. He also recommended that U.S. intelligence analysts keep an eye on activities on the Chinese side, since the current cyberspace situation is almost like the “Wild Wild West.” However, Clapper also mentioned that one of the key questions was whether Internet based spying should be banned or not – the United States conducts similar activities on “public platforms” as well. He added that it’s very hard to determine how involved the Chinese government really is. 
Source: BBC Chinese, September 29, 2015