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RFI Chinese: China-Africa Honeymoon Seems to be Ending

Radio France International (RFI) Chinese recently reported that Chinese President Xi Jinping visited South Africa last week to attend the Sixth China-Africa Cooperation Forum. Xi had just finished his visit to Zimbabwe. China’s investments in Africa have increased rapidly in recent years. However, in the first half of this year, Chinese investments dropped sharply by 40 percent. This brought the key topic to the Sixth China-Africa Cooperation Forum: what will the future be like in terms of the Chinese investments in the continent? China has been the largest buyer of resources exported out of Africa and one third of China’s overseas infrastructure construction contracts are from Africa. Using natural resources in exchange of construction investments has been a typical model between China and African countries. With the slowing of the Chinese economy, Chinese Foreign Affairs Official Zhang Ming suggested that China-Africa cooperation may need some adjustments.
Source: RFI Chinese, December 2, 2015