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People’s Daily: Japan Plans to Deploy U.S. Anti-Missile “Sade” System to Contain China

According to Japan’s Kyodo News report, for the first time, Japan’s defense ministry made it clear that the Japanese Self-Defense Force will consider the introduction of the U.S. anti-missile system "Sade." 

Chinese military expert Liang Fang said that the Japanese, in order to show their importance to the United States, will work very closely with the United States in its Asia-Pacific rebalancing strategy. If Japan deploys the "Sade" system, the U.S. will substantially advance its anti-missile system and push them to the periphery of China. It will not only increase the cost of China’s security and defense, but also weaken China’s offensive capability, having the effect of containing China and keeping it from "going out." 

Military expert Yin Zhuo pointed out that the U.S.-Japan joint operations has had the first island chain blockade as an important goal. If the U.S. nuclear submarine and aircraft carrier battle groups were to conduct a joint blockade, coupled with information technology tools, it might have some effect. In such a situation, "China should keep some combat forces outside the [first] island chain, such as nuclear submarines and large-scale surface ships. Once the war breaks out, China can coordinate its actions inside and outside the island chain and launch a joint campaign to break the blockaded island chain." 
Liang Fang agreed with Yin Zhuo, "China must not be limited to breaking the blockade of the US and Japan from within the first island chain." The reason why the Chinese Navy proposes to "go out" is because China needs not only to have the capability of integrated offshore operations, but also to have the far sea counter capability outside of the first island chain. 
Source: People’s Daily, December 4, 2015