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China Urges North Korea to Return to the Negotiating Table

Xinhua recently published an article in which it made an express commentary on North Korea’s test of the hydrogen bomb, stating that Beijing authorities strongly oppose the North Korean test. The article commented, “The North Korean bomb test runs counter to the goal of denuclearization.”   

The commentary further stated, “[N]o one will benefit from chaos in the peninsula. Any thoughts or actions that disrupt the peace and stability of northeast Asia are neither appropriate nor wise.” It urged that “interested parties should abandon this confrontation mentality and return to resolving the dispute through dialogue.” 
Caixin, which is pro-Xi Jinping, expressed in its commentary that “[T]he six-party talks to resolve the nuclear issue continue to be shelved. North Korea’s nuclear test is reckless. Condemnation and sanctions are not good medicine for the North Korean nuclear issue. When will North Korea stop this practice of never listening to others?” 

Xinhua, January 6, 2016, January 6, 2016