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Huanqiu: China May Have Cut Five Ground Force Army Groups

On January 2, 2016, Huanqiu published an article on China’s military reform; it was based on an article from China’s military newspaper People’s Liberation Army Daily. According to the article, China may have reduced 5 of its ground force army groups, going from the previous 18 army groups to 13 army groups. The 5 removed army groups were from the Shenyang Military Region, the Beijing Military Region, the Jinan Military Region and the Chengdu Military Region.

China’s president Xi Jinping had announced on September 3, 2015, that 300,000 troops would be cut. The demilitarization of 300,000 troops mainly targeted the downsizing of land force armies, reducing non-combat institutions and personnel, as well as military official positions. 

 “China’s military reform has triggered massive reshuffles, the influence of which is ‘unprecedented’ in terms of its depth, breadth, and the range of interests affected. Some media call it ‘a system remodeling.’"

Sources: Huanqiu and People’s Daily, January 2, 2016