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RFI: Huawei Sponsors “Seeds for the Future” Project to Establish Contacts with Universities

Radio France Internationale published an article which stated that, not only did Huawei bribe many Australian politicians and the U.S. think tank, The Brookings Institute, it also gave money to top universities through the “Seeds for the future” project. The universities that received the money include Cambridge, Oxford, Manchester, York, Nottingham, Surrey, and other institutions in the UK. Huawei also acknowledged that it has cooperated with over 20 universities in the UK over the past five years. Through the “Seeds for the Future” project, Huawei has established contacts with many universities through the British Council to attract young talent and it has paid travel expenses for UK students to live in China for one month.

In addition, The Daily Telegraph reported that, for many years, Huawei has sponsored technology research projects on mobile and audio networks. Huawei promised to invest 5 million pounds (US$6.3 million) to establish a 5G Innovation Center at the University of Surrey. Huawei also invested more than 1 million pounds (US$1.25 million) in a computer lab at the University of Cambridge to support a Manchester University project to develop graphene. Graphene is the thinnest but hardest material in the world with the lowest resistivity. British physicists developed this nanomaterial in 2004.

Previously, Australian media reported that Huawei had sponsored a number of Australian politicians and family members to travel to China. The list of invitees included former Australian Foreign Minister Bishop. In addition, the Washington Post reported that the Brookings Institute, an authoritative U.S. think tank, was to receive a large donation from Huawei and was to speak favorably about Huawei.

Source: Radio France Internationale, December 14, 2018