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Aboluowang: CCP Openly Set up Party Branch Offices in State Owned Enterprise in Hong Kong

Aboluowang reported that the relevant documents of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection have recently revealed that the mainland state-owned enterprises and private enterprises based in Hong Kong have openly established party branches.

According to the article, People’s Daily disclosed in September that a document that the Central Disciplinary Commission issued at the end of 2017 corroborated the evidence that a Chinese Communist Party’s grassroots party branch had been set up in the State Owned Enterprises in Hong Kong. The “Guiding Opinions on Strengthening the Prevention and Control of Integrity Risks of Central Enterprises” requires that “the Central Party Committee and the Discipline Inspection Commission effectively fulfill the political responsibility of managing the party and the integrity of the risk prevention and control in party development work overseas.” The guidance disclosed that the international subsidiaries and Hong Kong branches of China Mobile must be under the supervision of the branch office in Shenzhen.

One academic scholar from Hong Kong Baptist University told Voice of America that, in the party organization, work in companies stationed overseas used to be carried out secretly. In recent years, however, the activity has grown more and more open. The goal is obviously “to strengthen the monitoring of all enterprises outside the country, in order to ensure that these enterprises show in their actions that they listen to the party’s commands and obey the party’s mechanism to do things.”

According to an Apple Daily article, there are 123 publicly traded State Owned Enterprises in Hong Kong that have established party offices. Among them, eight of them are blue chip companies. They include, among others, PetroChina, Sinopec, the Industrial and Commercial Bank, the Bank of China, and the Bank of Communications. In addition, there are party branch offices established in private enterprises in Hong Kong. After Suning Appliance acquired Hong Kong Laser Appliances in 2009, the company’s party committee quickly sent people to Hong Kong to set up the “Suning Appliance Hong Kong Laser Company Party Branch,” making it one of the company’s 65 party branches.

The Aboluowang article also mentioned that an article Xinhua published on November 25 disclosed that the party’s newly issued “Regulations on the Work of Party Branches” emphasized that it is necessary to carry forward the tradition and to set up party branches on a company basis. The regulations do not specifically address the operation of party organizations in overseas enterprises. However, it could mean that all enterprises with party members must have party organizations.

Source: Aboluowang, December 16, 2018