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Chinese Diplomats’ Obscene Behavior in a South Korean Restaurant

South Korean TJBV TV reported on the obscene behavior of several Chinese diplomats in public in a family restaurant in Myeongdong, a commercial shopping area in Seoul. Epoch Times reported the news in Chinese.

On the evening of February 23, over a dozen Chinese men and women were having dinner at the local Myeongdong restaurant. Several men kept touching the women next to them. A few women also sat on the mens’ laps; some even moaned. A male and a female were seen entering a restroom together and the female’s moans could be heard from outside the restroom.

At the same time, another 30 customers were having dinner in the restaurant, including female high school students and children. They asked the Chinese to stop their behavior, but they refused.

The restaurant staff then moved the group to another seating area. Their indecent behavior continued for another hour.

Three Chinese diplomats were in this group, including Consul Wang.

The TJBV‘s report, which was in Korean, can be seen here:

Source: Epoch Times Online, February 27, 2016