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China Times: Mainland Media Commented on New Relationship after Taiwan’s Presidential Election

The major Taiwanese newspaper China Times recently reported on a number of comments that Mainland media made after the recent election. The just completed Taiwanese presidential election put the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) back in power with control of both the Executive branch and the Congress. Mainland media suggested that, before the official interactions between the authorities on the two sides occur, the governments may, once again, need to test each other’s bottom lines. During this process, non-governmental exchanges could play an important role. There have been a lot of misunderstandings among the people on both sides of the Strait. Some Mainland media leaders expressed the belief that young people who have either study or work experiences in the Mainland typically have a better understanding of the Mainland; they should tell the truth to the Taiwanese people to prevent the expansion of their misunderstanding gap.
Source: China Times, March 22, 2016