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BBC Chinese: Twenty Detained Because of the Call for Xi to Resign

BBC Chinese reported from Beijing that, as of March 25, a total of 20 people had been detained since the open letter calling for Xi Jinping’s resignation was published on a website with government background. BBC sources reported that, in addition to Hong Kong senior news writer Jia Jia, another six staff members of the publishing website, including a senior manager and a senior editor, were detained. Also, ten people from a related high-tech company were captured. Three relatives of a Chinese dissident who currently lives in the United States were detained by the Cantonese police as witnesses. The offending website is now only republishing articles from Xinhua and the People’s Daily. Please refer to Chinascope’s briefing on March 25 for more background.
Sources: BBC Chinese, March 25, 2016
Chinascope: Mingjing: The People behind the Open Letter Attack on Xi Jnping