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Wu Jianmin: Understanding China’s Foreign Policy

On March 30, 2016, Wu Jianmin, China’s former Ambassador to France and former President of the Foreign Affairs College [a Beijing university for diplomats] gave a speech at the Foreign Affairs College. Wu outlined three elements for understanding China’s foreign policies:

First, only through opening up can China fully grasp how the world is changing.

Second, the world’s new trend is "peace and development," which differs from the previous "war and revolution." "However, there are still people who want to have a war. [They think that] if China can’t beat the U.S., at least China can take on the Philippines for a fight. However, these people have absolutely misunderstood the trend."

Third, China’s foreign affairs strategy is: No expansion, no hegemony, and no alliances.

Wu criticized General Luo Yuan for being a military hawk and promoting war. Wu also criticized Global Times for not understanding the main trend in the world and, instead, frequently publishing extreme articles to portray the world as a big mess.

Source:, April 2, 2016