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CCTV Commentary: Comprehensively Strengthen the Party’s Leadership over Political and Legal Work

On December 27, Xi Jinping hosted a Political Bureau of the Central Committee meeting and reviewed the “Regulations on the Political and Legal Work of the Party.” The Paper published a commentary article that CCTV had originally reported. The article stated that Xi’s speech during the meeting, “further reinforced the party’s absolute leadership over political and legal work.” It called for all levels of the political and legal department to “study, understand, and implement the practice of political and legal work.” The article also commented that “promoting the rule by law is meant to further consolidate the party’s ruling status, improve the party’s ruling style, improve the party’s ability to govern, and ensure the long-term stability of the party and the country.” The article stated that, “the Political and Legal system must ensure that it is consistent with the Party Central Committee led by Xi in terms of its political stance, political direction, political principles, and political path, and that it is determined to be the guardian and the developer of the socialist country ruled by law.”

Source: The Paper, December 28, 2018