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CNA: White-Collar Party Members to Fill in Lunch Time Duty for “Xicheng Aunts”

All parts of China are filled with so-called community mass organizations. They usually clean the streets, perform public welfare work, and at the same time they take responsibility for ensuring public security. In Beijing, the group is called “Chaoyang Residents” or “Xicheng Aunts.” In Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, they are called “Wulin Aunts.” According to a report from the Beijing Evening Newspaper, in Beijing’s Xicheng district, there are currently 81,885 registered “Xicheng Aunts” and the number of people involved in promoting “Peace in the Xicheng” project is over 100,000 with 1,452 special force teams.

The Central News Agency reported that these mass organizations in Beijing’s neighborhoods have repeatedly made contributions in reporting drug abuse in the community. Now Xicheng District intends to expand the group to involve the white-collar party members to be part of the group. The reason is that the existing members of Xicheng Aunts have to take a nap during the day. They wish to involve the white-collar party members so there will be no gap in the security patrol during the day.

According to Beijing Evening News, the idea of letting urban white-collar workers use their lunch break and put on uniforms to patrol the community is still under planning. It could be finalized next year. Once it comes true, the urban white-collar workers in Xicheng District will wear red vests and red armbands, and they will be active in the streets and lanes, becoming the “young age” Xicheng aunts.

In addition, since 2015, “Xicheng Aunts” has given tips on more than 30,000 pieces of illegal and criminal information, and assisted the public security organs in arresting more than 6,000 criminal suspects. In the near future, Xicheng District plans to use an open space to build a “Xicheng Aunts” exhibition hall to showcase the work that these “Xicheng aunts” have done.

Source: Central News Agency, December 16, 2018