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Global Times’ Rebuttal to Wu Jianmin

After Wu Jianmin, China’s former Ambassador to France, commented that Global Times didn’t understand the main world trend, Global Times Chief Editor Hu Xijin published a rebuttal.

Hu said, "Wu represents the mentality of the old Chinese diplomats; only they know foreign policy. The media’s [different] opinions are intended to create trouble and thus are the evil source to stir up nationalism." "Wu seems like a typical ‘dove’ [to foreign countries] in diplomat circles, but he is very ‘hawkish’ toward ‘nationalism’ when it is discussed in China’s media."

After the rebuttal was published, an article commenting on that rebuttal was published on the Internet. The article argued, "When Global Times talked about freedom of speech, it openly argued that ‘there is a boundary for freedom of speech in the world.’ Then should there be a boundary for articles related to foreign policy? To appeal to the readers and not hurt the ruling authority, the media look for other [safer] topics [to write about]. They set ‘foreign countries’ as their target and create tension in foreign relations. Will this benefit China’s long-term interest and the world’s peaceful development? Or will it limit the room [for China] to define its foreign policies?"

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