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Global Times: Did ASEAN Slap China in the Face?

Global Times recently reported that the Special China–ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Foreign Ministers Conference was held in Yunnan, China on June 13 and 14. This was an important meeting, while the heated international arbitration decision on the South China Sea issue was about to reported soon. It’s unavoidable that conferences like this might have disagreements. However, the Western media suddenly came up with the news of a so-called “ASEAN joint announcement” that criticized China and that “slapped China in face.” Global Times found out that there was no official announcement distributed to reporters whatsoever. This is yet another example of the West dreaming on the “isolated China.”
In a further development, on June 14, BBC Chinese reported that the Conference seemed to have suffered a rupture. The China-ASEAN Conference did not reach a consensus announcement between China and ASEAN. The ASEAN foreign ministers issued a separate announcement after the conference closure, with harsh statements. Later the Malaysian spokesperson explained to the media that the ASEAN Ministers decided to revoke the single-sided announcement because it needed “emergency amendments.”
Source: Global Times, June 15, 2016
BBC Chinese, June 14, 2016