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BBC Chinese: Gao Zhisheng Published a New Book Overseas

BBC Chinese recently reported that former Chinese human rights attorney Gao Zhisheng published his new book in Taiwan. His daughter held a press conference in Hong Kong to announce the book [Stand Up China 2017 – China’s Hope: What I learned during Five Years as a Political Prisoner]. Gao described in this book the “kidnapping and torture” the Chinese authorities imposed on him. He, as a Christian, also predicted the end of the Chinese Communist rule in 2017, citing it as a revelation from God.

As an attorney, Gao defended many human rights victims, especially innocent Falun Gong practitioners, in court. He was arrested after his attorney license was revoked in 2006. He is currently under house-arrest after being released from multiple jail terms, some of which had no court ruling. It is still unknown how the content of the new book was handed to people outside of China.

A spokeswoman from the Chinese Ministry of Public Safety told AP that The Ministry was not directly involved in Gao’s treatment – only local authorities could respond to inquiries.

Source: BBC Chinese, June 14, 2016