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Some Content of the Deal between Vatican and China Revealed

Well-known Chinese news site Sina recently referred to a Reuters report on the story that the Pope is determined to change the Vatican’s relationship with China. Some details regarding the agreement were revealed. Multiple sources said a working group with members from the two countries was formed in April. The key argument focused on who had the power to appoint bishops in China. So far China has appointed eight bishops without approval from the Vatican. One potential major breakthrough of the new agreement may include the Pope forgiving these eight China-appointed bishops. However, people in a number of Catholic parishes, including Hong Kong, have expressed different opinions. The Catholic University of Milan’s researcher Elisa Giunipero pointed out that, if the Vatican can establish a formal relationship with China, it will improve China’s international image and will reduce the amount of human rights criticism against China. 
Source: Sina, July 19, 2016