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BBC Chinese: The U.S. Warns WTO about China’s Economic Openness

BBC Chinese recently reported that U.S. Deputy Representative to the WTO (World Trade Organization) Chris Wilson expressed his concern about China not fulfilling its economic openness commitments due to a slow-down in the Chinese domestic market. The 162 WTO member countries are currently going through a periodic review of China, which occurs every two years. Wilson reported that more and more American companies sense an unfriendly business and regulatory environment nowadays. It has been occurring in China since China’s economic growth started to slow down over a year ago. China has been bailing out its steel and aluminum industries, tightening up raw material export quotas and tariffs, manipulating export tax refunds, restricting agricultural imports despite high domestic demand, and banning foreign investments in the movie industry. China is also aiming to ensure that, for any products manufactured in China, 70 percent of parts and materials are sourced from within China. 
Source: BBC Chinese, July 20, 2016