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CCP Published Political and Legal Affairs Work Regulations

Recently the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Central Committee published “Political and Legal Affairs Work Regulations” (Regulations).

Article Ten of the Regulations listed the responsibilities of the local CCP party committee. The first one was to “coordinate the political and legal affairs work that is related to national security, especially the events related to political security whose core is the ruling party’s security and the ruling system’s security.” The second one is to “coordinate social stability work and timely and properly handle important issues or emergencies that will affect social stability.”

Article Eleven stated that a Political and Legal Affairs Committee will be established at the Central Committee, at the local party committee, and at the county level or above. A township or street (in the city) party committee will establish a committee member position for the Political and Legal Affairs work.

Shi Cangshan, an independent China issue expert, commented, “In the past the CCP’s lowest policing structure was the local police station at the township or street level (in the city). Now the Political and Legal Affairs Committee for the first time, is extending itself to that level. This is related to its recent strengthening of communist ideology.” He also felt that it shows the old stability maintenance mechanism is no longer sufficient for putting down public dissatisfaction and protects.

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