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China’s Internet Czar Deletes 7 Million “Harmful” Posts

According to the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC), the central Internet regulator and censorship agency of China, between January 3 and January 23, the Special Action of Internet Ecological Control cleaned a total of more than 7.09 million pieces of harmful information, closed 308,000 illegal accounts, suspended 733 websites, and removed 9,382 mobile applications.

Since 2016, the Chinese authorities have stepped up control of the Internet. In November 2018, in response to a series of “chaotic problems” in self-media accounts, CAC closed more than 9,800 accounts that were “transmitting politically harmful information, maliciously tampering with the history of the party and history of the country, impairing the nation’s image, circulating rumors, and spreading false information”.

Source: Voice of America, January 23, 2019