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Zhou Yongkang’s Daughter-in-law Complained about the CCP’s Human Rights Violations

Zhou Yongkang is China’s former  security Czar. He ruled the country using a brutal police control system. During his time, many human rights violations and many tragedies occurred. In 2014, Xi Jinping took him down on corruption charges because of his failed plot to overthrow Xi. His son, Zhou Bin, was also arrested on corruption charges.

Recently, Zhou Bin’s wife, Huang Wan, sent two tweets stating that she had not seen her husband for two months and reflected on the harm that Zhou and the communist regime inflicted on the Chinese people.

On January 31, Huang tweeted, “I have not seen my husband for two months. Here (in China), there are too many women who cannot see their husbands: human rights defenders, attorneys, businessmen, or officials. … The Chinese New Year is coming, but I cannot see my husband. Is he safe? Is he still alive? I don’t know. Some people have threatened me that it will not be good for me if I speak out. Ha-ha! My husband is Zhou Bin. His father is Zhou Yongkang.”

On February 2, Huang tweeted again, “As a family member of Zhou Yongkang, I want to apologize to all of the people who received unjust treatment during his time. Your journey to defend your rights is very tough (in China). Now I am on a similar journey. I ask all Chinese officials to think: Are your positions higher than Zhou Yongkang? He couldn’t even protect his family. When it is your time (to be purged), will you be able to protect your family? Only the full rule of law can protest every citizen’s rights!”

Source: Radio Free Asia, February 2, 2019