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Chinese Commentator on the CCP’s Fear

Yuan Bin is a regular commentary writer for the Epoch Times Chinese. He recently wrote two articles commenting that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has recently been having intensified fear for the regime’s future.

On February 3, Yuan commented on Xi Jinping’s speech marking the 40th anniversary of former Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping’s decision to “reform and open up.” Xi used a term which is unusual. The term was “unimaginable perils and dangers” to describe what the CCP currently faces. Time Magazine called that sentence a key note in Xi’s speech and translated it as, “Every step in the course of reform and opening up is not easy, and we will face all kinds of risks and challenges, even some unimaginably rough waves.”

Yuan suggested that the term “unimaginable” had three meanings: One, even the CCP does not know how big the risk  of those “rough waves” is and how severe their effect will be. Two, the CCP does not know when the “rough waves” will arrive. Three, the CCP does not know what form the “rough waves” will take. “The ‘rough waves’ are already very scary for the CCP. It is even more scary to the CCP that it cannot accurately predict them.”

On February 4, Yuan commented in the news that, on February 1, Xi Jinping visited the joint combat command center of the Beijing Public Security Bureau (Police Department). Yuan indicated that it is the CCP’s convention that its officials will visit some places during the Chinese New Year (February 5 this year), to show that they care about the people. However, which places they visit conveys a very important political message. Normally they are the regions or industries on which the CCP wants to focus.

In the six previous years, Xi visited a different province each year. This year was abnormal. Xi stayed in Beijing instead and visited the police station. Yuan viewed this as a clear political message that the CCP is going to strengthen its rule of the country via the police system. The CCP’s focal point for this year is stability. Recently, the government also increased police officers’ salaries by 38 percent.

Yuan observed, “However, the more the CCP relies on the police, the more it strengthens its rule of the country via the police system, the more it demonstrates how unstable the regime is, the more severe the crisis is that it faces, and the closer the day is that it will fall!”

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