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African Swine Fever Found in China’s Top Brand of Pork Dumplings

Mainland Chinese media reported that the frozen pork dumplings that Sanquan Food Co., Ltd. produced were found to contain the African swine fever virus. After the news was published, the stock price of the leading Chinese frozen food company fell by 3.58 percent. Sanquan Foods has now removed all the related series of dumplings from its official website.

Chinese netizens are also circulating a government document that shows that Gansu Province has also detected the same virus in 83 pork products from 11 manufacturers, including Sanquan Foods. Among them, Henan Kedi Frozen Foods had 67 products with positive reactions. The Gansu provincial government clarified that this was only a preliminary test.

Despite a litany of incidents of African swine fever virus being found in mainland China’s food products, the authorities have been persistently telling the public that African swine fever will not infect human beings and will not affect food safety.

Source: Central News Agency, February 16, 2019