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Huawei Is Having a Hard Time Retaining High-End Talent Despite High Pay

Well-known Chinese news site Sohu recently reported that Huawei’s 2018 average staff salary reached RMB 1,100,000 (around US$162,404). This annual income level is four times the average of Alibaba, five times the average of ZTE, and six times that of Xiaomi. However, Huawei’s Ph.D. employees have been leaving the company at a high rate. Huawei President Ren Zhengfei admitted that the company is not able to retain high-end talent. According to Huawei’s own internal research, since 2014, nearly half of its Ph.D. employees have left the company. The research also showed that most of the people left due to extremely high work pressure. As for Ph.D. employees, another reason was misalignment between their assignments and their skills. As an example, Huawei’s high-pressure work environment can be reflected in its rule of a full cut-off of any connection between its internal network and the public Internet. Another example is its policy that total daily personal phone call time cannot be longer than five minutes. Huawei’s average daily staff overtime is 3.96 hours.

Source: Sohu, February 17, 2019