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RFA: Tsinghua Law Professor Suspended from Teaching for Openly Criticizing Xi Jinping

Xu Zhangrun, a professor at Tsinghua University in Beijing, published a number of articles last year criticizing Xi Jinping’s totalitarian political control and asked the authorities to re-construct the constitution, restore the president’s term limit, and “vindicate the June 4th incident.” Radio Free Asia (RFA) has learned that Professor Xu was recently stripped off all duties, prohibited from teaching and counseling students, and stopped from conducting scientific research activities. The relevant department of Tsinghua University may investigate his visits to Japan and the UK last year.

Xu Zhangrun, 57, is a professor at Tsinghua University Law School, serves as the director of the Center for the Rule of Law and Human Rights at Tsinghua University, and is a special researcher at the Tianze Economic Research Institute. Last year, he criticized Xi Jinping for unconstitutional abolition of the term limit for the presidency. Bao Tong, a Chinese dissident, called on the authorities not to silence Xu Zhangrun.

Currently news of Xu Zhangrun’s dismissal and suspension has been spreading continuously on the Internet. Chinese writer Zhang Yihe is calling for the solidarity of the intellectual community to step up and show support for Professor Xu. RFA stated that due to this sensitive timing before the “June 4th Anniversary,” it can’t be ruled out that the intellectuals in China could take joint action on the incident.

Source: Radio Free Asia, March 25, 2019