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RFA: China Rebuilds and Expands at Least 30 Prisons Within One Year

Radio Free Asia reported that China’s provincial prisons have been undergoing renovation and expansion projects in recent years. Some online media have collected information from public government online information and found that over the past six years, the size of prisons everywhere has been expanding. Since 2013, 200 prisons have expanded to varying degrees. Overseas Uyghur organizations said that many Uyghurs have been transferred from Xinjiang to the mainland for custody, so the authorities needed to expand many detention facilities.

According to “Haifeng Express,” a Twitter account, since 2018, 34 prison expansion projects have been launched. They include Shaoyang Prison Phase II Expansion Project in Hunan province, Xingyi Prison Expansion Project in Guizhou, Luoyang Prison Reconstruction and Expansion Project in Henan, and the Prison Reconstruction and Expansion Project in Harbin. Radio Free Asia reported that their online research results showed that many prisons that were being renovated were not included on the list. This indicates that the actual number of prison reconstruction projects is far more than the reported number.

Di Lishati, the spokesperson for the World Uyghur Congress in Germany, disclosed to RFA on Tuesday March 26 that a large number of illegally detained Uyghurs have been transferred out of the Xinjiang region. Because the Chinese government has illegally detained a large number of Uyghurs, including the Turkic people, in reeducation concentration camps, the prisons are overcrowded. Since the Chinese government is under strong pressure from the international community about the illegal detention of Uyghurs, they planned to transfer the detained Turkic people gradually to the inland provinces of China. After these Turkic people were transferred to the provinces of mainland China, they continued to be oppressed and subjected to brainwashing education.

According to earlier reports from RFA, on New Year’s Day, a group of Kazakh young people from Nalati Town, Yili Xinyuan County were transferred to Nanchang, Jiangxi province, where a military company employed them under the China Aerospace Group. They were asked to learn Chinese after work and were even asked to join the party. Uyghurs in southern Xinjiang were transferred to Heilongjiang Province to serve as cheap laborers.

Source: Radio Free Asia, March 26, 2019