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Chinese Youth: Hillary Clinton Pushing US Supremacy

The People’s Website republished a China Youth commentary about Hillary Clinton’s “Remarks on Internet Freedom” speech in support of Google’s challenging the Chinese government. The article quoted Clinton’s words “And censorship should not be in any way accepted by any company from anywhere. In America, American companies must make a principled stand. This needs to be part of our national brand.” It ridiculed Clinton for raising a dispute between one company and its host country’s management to the “national brand” level under the “Internet Freedom” label.

The article claimed that the only reason for U.S. politicians to back Google is because Google has spent $3 million dollars on lobbying government officials.

“Ignoring ones country’s information monitoring, but criticizing China’s Internet management is a clear indication that the ‘Internet freedom’ under the U.S. ‘national brand’ is simply U.S. Secretary Clinton’s boasting about U.S. Internet strategy. It represents nothing more than taking advantage of U.S. technology, capital, and market dominance in an effort to sell U.S. ‘universal values.’ The intended result is to gain commercial, cultural, and political interests for the U.S.

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