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US Air Force Visualizes China as Its Number One Imaginary Enemy

Xinhua republished a China Youth article reporting that the US Air Force visualizes China as its number one imaginary enemy for 2030. According to rhe article, the December 2009 issue of U.S. magazine “C41SR” disclosed that a research team, led by Dr. Werner  J.A. Dahm, the Chief Scientist of the U.S Air Force, identified four imaginary enemies for the U.S. The four enemies are: China, Islamic separatists, a country in distress, and Russia.

Dahm’s team suggested that when fighting with a big power like China and Russia, the U.S. must rely on an unsurpassable technological advantage, which puts to the test the enemy’s determination. Therefore, the U.S. Air Force has to maintain a superior technical leadership. Dahm identified three technical areas for the US Air Force to focus on over the next 20 years:  modular weapon systems, micro air vehicles, and hypersonic aircraft or missiles.

Source: Xinhua, January 25, 2010