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Boxun: The Mystery of Hu Jintao Awarding a Female Professor Who Invented A Secret Weapon

Boxun reported that Hu Jintao recently gave the first merit award to Professor Zhou Bihua of the PLA University of Science and Technology. Professor Zhou’s greatest contribution was her invention of the powerful electromagnetic pulse [Editor’s note: also abbreviated as EMP], a killer in the information age. Millions of watts or even tens of millions of watts of electromagnetic pulses can be launched within one minute, destroying a few kilometers of all military and civilian electronic information, communication network systems and even power grids. It can also make the enemy’s internal chips self-destruct.

It is of course a great threat to the U.S. military, which is heavily dependent on communication networks for commanding a battle remotely. Once mainland China sends troops to take over Taiwan, the U.S. military will have second thoughts before taking any action.

Source: Boxun, October 11, 2009