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People’s Daily on Information Freedom in the U.S.

An opinion article published in the official People’s Daily on January 22 attacked the U.S. version of “Information Freedom.” 

Titled “Take a look at Information Freedom in the U.S.,” the article asked, “What is the so-called free flow of information? Is it something without restriction, the best and the most free? Has the U.S. achieved that?” 
“What’s behind the so-called information freedom of the U.S. is its blatant political motive. Where did the continuous domestic turmoil in Iran after the elections come from? It was because the U.S. launched an Internet war: Youtube videos and Twitter rumors drove a wedge between conservatives and reformists, changing patterns to incite the Iranian people, and resulting in large-scale bloodshed. If the U.S. really wants to pursue a free flow of information, why did Microsoft issue a high-profile announcement last year to stop MSN services in five so-called ‘hostile’ countries including Cuba?” 
Source: People’s Daily, January 22, 2010