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Xinhua: Antimissile is China’s Required Course

Xinhua recently published an article detailing some of the aspects of the Chinese land based antimissile experiment successfully conducted on January 11. The experiment was a “mid-stage” interception, which refers to an exoatmospheric interception that happens in, roughly, outer space. The report described the basic flight lifecycle of an intercontinental missile. The “mid-stage” is the stage after the first level engine and the warhead separate. The report indicated that the United States immediately responded upon the completion of the experiment. The US response was believed to be a “side confirmation” of the success of the mission.

The report compared the experiment with the US GMD system, which is considered a strategic missile defense system instead of a tactical system represented by the Patriot antimissile system. Components of the GMD system such as EKV, GBI and the X-Band Radar were covered by the report. The article also briefly introduced India’s PAD system, which was based on Israeli technology.

Source: Xinhua, February 3, 2010