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China Review News: The PLA’s Drill in the East China Sea û Three Gains with One Effort

From June 30 to July 5, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy conducted a live ammunition drill in the East China Sea. On July 5, 2010, China Review News published an article titled “The PLA’s Drill in the East China Sea – Three Gains with One Effort.” Below is a summary of the gains:

1. Send a clear signal that the Yellow Sea is not America’s backyard garden and China does not fear the threat from the U.S. and South Korea joint military exercise.

2. When America’s aircraft carrier enters the waters of the Yellow Sea, the PLA drilling fleet can use it as the best exercise target to achieve the drilling effect that is impossible to achieve during a routine training.

3. Grab the opportunity to strengthen China’s national status.

Source: China Review News, July 05, 2010