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CRN: Analysis of US Aircraft Carrier Strategy

China Review News recently published a review of an article discussing the strategy behind the U.S. use of its aircraft carriers. The article expressed that there are four reasons for the U.S. to send its carriers: (1) pushing China to buy more US bonds; (2) using war threats to hammer China’s development; (3) reducing US debt pressure; (4) confirming that China doesn’t dare to start a war. The author emphasized that the U.S. heavily manipulates nearly all of the problems that trouble China today, such as issues regarding Taiwan, Tibet, Xinjiang, India, Vietnam, the South China Sea, Mid-Asia, and Falun Gong, etc. He sees the ultimate way to resolve China’s problems as being to weaken the U.S. The author further suggested that the right way to handle the U.S. carrier situation is to sink the carriers that are currently having a joint naval exercise with South Korea in the Yellow Sea.

Source: China Review News, July 3, 2010