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Xinhua: CNC World English Channel Is the Party’s Mouthpiece, Ears and Eyes

On July 5, 2010, Xinhua published an article titled “China CNC: Adapts itself to the BBC, CNN Stage.” China’s Xinhua News Agency launched its English language TV service, CNC World on July 1, 2010, broadcasting English news programs 24 hours a day for overseas audiences. The Xinhua article restates that an important mission of “the red press” Xinhua is to be “the mouthpiece, ears and eyes of the Party and the people”.

“CNC’s branching out represents Chinese media’s moves onto the international stage. Its birth is not completely for business competition, but more for the purpose of disseminating China’s own voice to the entire world.”

CNC board chairman Wu Jincai said that the U.S.’s CBS and the U.S. News Corporation will be the two cornerstones to support the growth of CNC.

Source: Xinhua, July 05, 2010